Velvet Dreams Cami


Aratta incorporates handcrafted details such as embroideries, crystals, and other unique embellishments which lend to the one of kind look to each garment. All prints and details are conceptualized by Susanna Karapetyan, whose magical hand is intimately involved in every piece. The signature look and free spirit of Aratta is outstanding in the oversaturated world of fashion. Made for women by women, Aratta strives to create clothing that ignites the creativity and confidence. From the intricate embroideries and crystals to the dreamy prints and unique embellishments, every detail of Aratta's clothing is handcrafted by industry expert Susanna Karapetyan. With a signature free spirit, their stunning designs truly stand out in the oversaturated fashion world. Plus, their velvet cami offers an adjustable fit and luxurious lace trim, making it a must-have for any confident woman.


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